Other Local Products

Find a great selection of other Local and British products in the vending machine next to the milkbot

Longley Farm

The majority of our milk is sold to local dairy Longley Farm in Holmfirth, where it is used to make delicious cream, butter, yogurts and soft cheeses.

You can purchase a wide selection of Longley Farm products from our product vending machine, situated next to the milk vending machine, in Elvington. The machine accepts coins or contactless payment and is open 24hrs a day

Longley Farm Price List

  • Longley Farm Yorkshire Luxury Jersey Butter , 250g £2.80
  • Longley Farm Extra Rich Jersey Cream, 250ml £1.80
  • Longley Farm Single Jersey Cream, 250ml £1.50
  • Longley Farm Natural Greek Style Yogurt, 450g £1.80
  • Longley Farm Natural Yogurt 450g £1.50
  • Longley Farm Yorkshire Cream Cheese, 250g £1.50
  • Longley Farm Creme Fraiche, 200g £1.50
  • Longley Farm Cottage Cheese, 250g £1.50
  • Longley Farm Fruit Yogurts, 150g (Assorted) 60p

Free Range Eggs

6 Medium Free Range Eggs from a local producer £1.60

How to use the vending machine

By card

  • ➡️Press start
  • ➡️Rotate the carousel and gently pull the door of the product you want to buy
  • ➡️Present your card/phone to the reader
  • ➡️The machine will say ‘authorising’
  • ➡️The door will open to take your product
  • ➡️The door will close automatically

By cash

  • ➡️Place the coins into the slot
  • ➡️Rotate the carousel and pull the door of the product you want to buy
  • ➡️The door will open
  • ➡️ Change is given
  • ➡️ The door will close automatically