About the Farm

Grey Leys Farm, is a family run dairy farm, situated in Elvington on the outskirts of York, UK. Grey Leys is home to 245 Pedigree Jersey Cows and approximately 200 youngstock. The farm comprises grazing land plus arable land growing maize and wholecrop wheat and barley for feed.

Milk yield is 6200L per cow at 3.8% fat and 4% protein. The milk is sold to Longley Farm, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, where it is used to make various products including butter, cream, yoghurt and cottage cheese.  We also sell milk directly through our vending machines just 1 mile away in Elvington and at a local farm shop The Balloon Tree located 7 miles away in Gate Helmsley.

The Herd

During the summer months, the cows are out at grass in the paddocks around the farm. They can roam back to the farmyard whenever they choose for extra feed, water or to stretch their legs.

During winter, the cows are housed in large and airy straw yards with a large outside space where they have access to water, feed and even a hairbrush, plus lots of space to wander around and express natural behaviour.

Over the winter months, the cows are fed on grass silage, maize silage and wholecrop wheat or barley, which we grow on the farm, plus minerals, spey syrup and rapemeal.

The cows calve all year round and dry cows are fed a transitional diet for the final three weeks before calving.

Over 85% of the cows’ feed is grown here on the farm.

Calves and Youngstock

The calves are reared in individual hutches bedded with deep straw. The hutches keeps them warm and healthy and enables us to give them individual care and attention in the first few weeks of life. In winter the calves wear jackets to keep them extra warm. Once they are old enough, the calves move into small groups in straw yards. Our year-old heifers graze low input meadows on the outskirts of York during the summer months.  Most of the heifers stay with the same group their whole lives.

As soon as it is born, every calf is given a name and number and we try not to use the same name twice – quite a challenge after 50 years!

Our yearling heifers graze low input meadowland throughout summer

Breeding and Genetics

We breed cows to be productive, healthy and long lasting. We are currently calving in heifers by Elliots Regency Casino, Lemonhead Devinci, Cainbrae Bontino, VJ Hamlet, Verjatin Levine .  Calves are by River Valley Victorious, Rivermead Addiction, Victoria Miami – HoleinOne, Primus Vicory Caliban. We also sire with Aberdeen Angus and Belgium Blue Bulls.

Bulling heifers

Health Status

We work closely with our vet and feed advisor to ensure our cows are as healthy as possible and prevent any heath issues occurring whenever we can.  Our current herd health status is as follows

  • TB 4 area last test January 2021
  • BVD Free Registered – annual vaccination and 3x yearly testing
  • Lepto full herd vaccination annually
  • IBR full herd vaccination annually
  • Johnes quarterly milk test – Herdwise Screening programme

Awards and Recognition

The herd has won many awards over the years.


Recently we have been pleased to have been awarded the Challenge Cup for best cows and heifers judged on inspection at the Yorkshire Country Milk Recording Herd Competition 2020 and 2021. The Annette family continue to do well as they were awarded best Junior Cow in Milk (Annette 159) and Best Cow Family (Annette Family) in the same 2020 competition. Our Senior Cow (Lucius Tideline) and Heifer in Milk (Dimension Pomegranate) also took away first place.

At the 2021 awards, Greyleys Chilli Del Ivory 198 was awarded Best Junior in Milk and our Panoo Abe Vanahlem family won best bull progeny group. The Blush family won Best cow family at the same awards

Greyleys Lucius Tideline – Best Senior Cow at Yorkshire County Milk Recording Competition 2020

In 2020 and 2021 we were successful in the UK Jerseys National Production Competition. Topping the list in 2020 for Greyleys was Greyleys Shreddie (10th lactation) who was 2nd place in the Beauty’s Trophy for Highest lifetime kilograms of butterfat from a cow passing 50,000kgs of milk in the recording year 2020 . In 2021 had 4 cows placed at the top of this award. Greyleys Sparky (7th Lactation) Greyleys Zenith 2 (8th Lactation), Greyleys Tyra (8th lactation) and Greyleys Corcyra (10th lactation) All of these cows ahve produced over 3,700kg butterfat in their lifetime and we hope this shows the longevity and health of the Greyleys cow.

In 2021 we entered the Great Yorkshire Show with 4 cows . Our first time showing at this prestigious event, we were happy to be awarded 1st place Junior Cow with Greyleys Chili Del Ivory 198

Greyleys Chili Del Ivory 198 1st place Junior cow Great Yorkshire Show and 2021 Yorkshire Milk recorded herds competition

We have had great success at Driffield show 2021 with Champion Jersey, Reserve Jersey , Champion Heifer in milk and Maiden Heifer and taking away Interbreed Champion to top it off. 

Driffield Show – Jersey Champion and Interbreed Champion Greyleys Chili Del Ivory 198 (2nd lactation)Jersey Reserve Champion – Greyleys Broiler Tidechange (5th lactation)Maiden heifer – Greyleys Citation Christening Gem Dry cow – Greyleys Joel Sway – (in calf with 3rd)


We’re very proud to have been awarded North Regional Winner in the Genus Longlife Cow Awards in both 2014 and 2015 for cows in their 11th lactation, which is great recognition for our strong breeding and herd health. More latterly, Greyleys Sparky (7th lactation), was awarded the Jersey Cattle Society’s Beauty’s trophy for highest lifetime kilograms of butterfat from a cow passing 50,000kg of milk in the recording year. Greyleys cows also recieved 2nd and 3rd place in the same competition

Greyleys Annette 93. EX94(4) Regional Winner of Genus Long Life Cow 2015


Our pedigree herd has 68 cows with a classification score of Very Good or Excellent, and still includes strong families dating back from the original heifers including Del Ivory, Annette and Gem.