Milk – Vending Machines

Greyleys Jersey Milk is available direct to you from the farm, through our milk vending machines located locally. Our easy to use vending machine can be found at the Rydal Garage Forecourt, Elvington, York.  COMING SOON – NEW VENDING MACHINE AT BALLOON TREE FARM SHOP AND CAFE.

Greyleys Jersey Milk

Our milk comes to you with no food miles and completely fresh. Straight after milking, we pasteurise the milk here on the farm and bring it to our vending machines in the local area. Our milk is not homogenised or standardised and we use the gentlest pasteurising process possible to preserve all its natural quality and goodness. We have a 5 star hygiene rating from Environmental Health.

Our friendly brown cows produce luxurious milk, with a traditional cream line. It has a delicious rich and creamy flavour and a wonderful golden colour. Compared to standard whole milk, it is higher in protein and energy, and contains more calcium and vitamins A, B, D and E and iodine.

Greyleys Jersey Milk is perfect on its own, tastes great in hot drinks, makes amazing milkshakes and is delicious on breakfast cereals. It enhances any sweet and savoury recipe, including sauces, desserts and baking. Why not come down and give it a try?

Where to Find Us

Our original milk vending machine is situated on the Rydal Garage forecourt on B1228 Elvington Lane in Elvington, YO41 4DY (next door to Rebecca’s Kitchen and Elvington Garden Machinery).  This vending machine is less than a mile from the farm gate.  You can also buy a selection of Longley Farm products including Jersey Butter, Extra Thick Jersey Cream and Single Jersey Cream in the hut.

The Rydal Garage machine is open 24 hours a day.

NEW, SECOND LOCATION COMING SOON! Opening hours and location details for our new vending machine, at the Balloon Tree Farmshop & Cafe, will be posted here shortly.

How It Works

Simply purchase a reusable glass bottle, use any suitable clean container or help yourself to a 1 litre or 2 litre recyclable plastic bottle from the shelf and follow the simple instructions on the screen. The machine accepts cash, cards and Apple pay.

Just to say I got my first 2 litres of milk from the ‘Milkbot’ yesterday – heaven! I haven’t tasted milk like this since I was a child (a long time ago now!). I don’t drink ‘a glass of milk’ nowadays – tastes pretty rubbish – but this was just delicious, a real treat! So, cocoa last night, cereal this morning …yum!
All the best with your new venture (and don’t stop filling up the ‘bot’!)